The milk used in Little Treasure infant formulas are made from Premium Quality Australian milk.

We use only pure, safe and fresh milk sourced from Camperdown dairies known for their abundant supply of premium fresh milk. We are confident that Little Treasure Infant Formula’s are of exceptional quality.


Where does our milk come from?

From our locally owned, lush green farms, to our happy grass fed cows, our milk comes from the finest Australian cows to produce the highest quality milk for our customers. We are committed to delivering this in all of our products.


Download our Little Treasure smartphone app

We care about your security and peace of mind. To ensure that you are purchasing the genuine product, simply scan the code found on the bottom of your tin using our smartphone app. We have also added some great features like WeChat integration and a baby diary for you to enjoy.


Little Treasure - Infant Formula and other Milk Powder products.

Made in Australia to the highest possible standard, using milk from Australian cows.